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Abode Real Estate

With so many realtors here in South Florida how do you choose the right one?

Your brother, uncle, friend and cousin are all realtors. That is a problem with this industry. There are too many part- timers and ineffective agents fighting for business. 

Along side of this are the established agents.....those who have the most listings in a specific area. They keep acquiring more listings, which in turn they use as a selling point to get even more listings. Maybe this is not the metric with which you should use to hire your next agent. 

Ask yourself there any other industry where you would choose someone to handle such an important transaction when they have not proven their worth? Absolutely not! Why would you do this with one of most likely your largest assets...your home? 

I deal with consumers every day that have hired their friends, family members, top and established agents and were unhappy with the results. This is where I step in. When I sit down with someone to help them sell or buy a home I see a person in front of me. I don't see a means to acquire more listings or a paycheck. Yes, when I successfully help them buy or sell a home I am rewarded but that is the by-product of my hard work. I earn my commission! 

I work hard every day to guide, educate and prepare my sellers and buyers so that they can have a smooth transaction, walk away with the most money possible when selling and get the most value for their money if purchasing. I do not rely on flashy sales pitches or make promises that I cannot keep. From the moment we meet you will realize that integrity and honesty are my top priorities; something that the real estate industry severely lacks at this point in time.

If you are thinking about buying or selling then let's have an honest conversation and you make the decision!